George Smith April 21st, 2014

The year before Gregor died myself and Alistair started to look after our son's football team. We grew close but I did not realise how much a friend and an amazing person Alistair is until Gregor passed away. Gregor's death hit Alistair hard and he has always been there if I need someone to talk to or support us in any fund raising. He was a key figure in organising the Football tournament last year but this year he surpassed himself by putting his body through so much pain and running the London Marathon raising 3k in the process. I know It was a very emotional day for Alistair and he told me he thought about Gregor when he was struggling and that this spurred him on. Alistair I am privileged to call you a friend. Well done on your run and I know that Gregor will be proud of you. George